Still Life

Still Life studies and subjects are one of my favorite types of paintings to do.  It is such a classic subject matter for a painting.  I love to set up my scene in a way that captures the curiosity of the viewer and invites them in to enjoy subtle play between the shapes and textures of household objects and fresh fruit, vegetables, and flowers.  There is a peaceful quietness between the play of light and objects that is quite meditative.  These scenes could be found anyone's house in any time period. Enjoy!
"Bountiful"            Oil            24" x  30"  
 "Through the Looking Glass"           Oil           24 " x 30"
"A Good Read"          Oil           24" x 30"
"Happy Anniversary"            Oil          24" x 30"
"Another Star Lily"         Oil          24" x 30"
"Blue and White Vase"           Oil           20" x 24"
"Spring in a Blue Vase"            Oil           16" x 20"
"Orange Vase with Fruit"  Oil on Board 14" x 11"
"African Violets and Garden Roses with fruit"                        Pastel                 13" x 9.5" 
"A pitcher of roses with a pair of pears"                        Pastel            9.5" x 13"